Sustainable Development

Sustainable development and protection of the environment are at the core of the Saint-Hyacinthe Convention Centre’s priorities; Saint-Hyacinthe is the Agri-Food capital in Québec.

Green Roof

The convention centre’s green roof is an island of coolness within its urban and commercial district. As large as a football field, it brings significant environmental, economic and social benefits:

  • Reduces air conditioning and heating needs - Plants help preserve coolness in the summer and provide insulation during winter.
  • Protects the roof’s membrane making it long-lasting.
  • Lessens background noises and the effect of urban heat islands, retains rainwater and improves air quality.

Locally Produced Natural Gas

The fireplaces in the convention centre are powered by natural gas locally produced through the biomethanization process. In fact, since 2009, the City of Saint-Hyacinthe produces its own natural gas by the biomethanization of organic matter collected by its region’s residents, institutions, businesses and industries. The convention centre is proud to use this locally produced green and renewable energy.

Eco-Friendly Events

The Saint-Hyacinthe Convention Centre team assist clients with the organization of their eco-friendly events. We also offer eco-responsible food services and encourage meeting organizers to offset the environmental footprint deriving from their event by “giving back to nature” through tree planting or carbon emission reduction. Discover our approach to organizing a green event.